2 Idiots

“the one who chooses to love in spirit; the one whose spirit we choose to love, despite their outward appearance or actions”

Malota and SR at it again…SR has fallen for a Queen and Malota 2 Queens

SR- “You know the funny thing we both say that we are in love, but I don’t think you know what love is”

M-Lo- “What do you mean by that? Is it because I love 2 women?

SR- “How can you use 2 and love in the same breath?”

M-Lo- “Do you know that saying ‘God is love’? I know you do..God is 3 in one.”

SR- “Wait!!! Are u mad? Are you referring to a threesome?”

M-Lo- “Noo πŸ™‚ I am not, but twin brother please tell me what you think love is and I will also tell you what I think it is”

SR- ” love is patient and kind, Love is not jealous, it does not brag, and it is not proud. Love is not rude, is not selfish, and does not get upset with others. Love does not count up wrongs that have been done. Love is not happy with evil but is happy with the truth. Love patiently accepts all things. It always trusts, always hopes, and always remains strong. Love never ends”

M-Lo- “1 Corinthians 13:4- something right? You said Love is not Jealous, but in 1 John 4:8 God is love..and God says He is a jealous god. 0_o . You say Love never ends, what did you mean when you told Naa that your love was no longer there? Did it mean that you never loved her? Do you trust your current love? Can you accept all she does? Can you hope? Can you be patient with her when she goes wrong? Can you in kindness correct and help her achieve her aims and grow as a person? How about respect, sacrifice, caringly put her first, affection, devotion and loyalty?

I think all you said was thrash. I think love can’t be defined, I think its a feeling, a sort of knowledge. It has no boundaries or barriers. It has no form, very powerful yet makes you weak. Society gave it a meaning out of fear, fear of what it could do. Take me as an example. I say I love two women, who knows what I feel? But if you define love you can judge me according to your definition. I think what you said Love was, are just attributes of love. Things that show that there might be love but do not necessarily imply that Love exists.”

SR- “See you!! Idiot..I am sure you are drunk. You really don’t know what you are talking about. Let’s end it. I know you can’t love two people”

M-Lo- “You are wrong! I can’t love two people equally. There are different people so it is not possible to love them as one, they have their differences..let’s end it bro”

I have no idea what Love is. The Bible says God is Love..I am trying to get to know Him so I seriously don’t know what love is. Love does not end so what about all the broken down relationships? Did the people ever really love each other? (I am not saying there was no love, I am just asking a question) Do you know what love is?

“Dans le veritable amour c’est l’ame, qui enveloppe le corps” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche”

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11 thoughts on “2 Idiots

  1. One of you have made a very valid statement, but you have…
    What I mean to say is that yes God is love, that is why
    the mystery of love can barely be understood, comprehended;
    God can’t be understood by human minds, defined by human
    words, the best we can do is get a glimpse of what love
    is, and even that confounds most of us. There are sooo many things to love that we, here on earth
    will never be able to grasp. Sometimes it may seem foolish,
    but it is actually the most sensible thing. Just like the bible says our ways are not his ways and our thoughts are not His thoughts, we may see those things as foolish. We need to be given an eye to see in love a heart to feel in love, an ear to hear in love a mind to understand in love. A love which is Gods eyes, because he is love. I don’t know if I’m making sense here but. Ok here’s what I think: here on earth love has a form. Its circular: it has no end and no beginning. Its something that encompasses your total being so much so that you can’t tell where you are. Its jealous, yes! But even in its jealousy, it is accommodating, jealous enough to want you all to ones self, but accommodating enough to say, ill give you your space, ill let you go, but if you ever want to come back ill be here for you.

    • πŸ™‚ interesting “Its circular: it has no end and no beginning”. So basically we are always loving? so we don’t fall in love, we are in love? So if it never ends it means you still love your first love right? You got me more confused :s

  2. love is a funny foreign concept to me. All i understand is crushes. Im still looking for love tho, whatever that is

    • Lol David you are not alone…I understand crushes also..they come and go, sometimes they leave me with a lil scar sometimes they don’t. But love..I genuinely think its only a baby or a madman who know what love is. Love is as alien now as it was when I had my first kiss

  3. Funny, Marie and I had this argument about when you could actually say you’d crossed the line into saying you were in love. Somehow I agree with her now. And the stuff about loving two people in their own special way is true. (Solomon loved many foreign women and wrote the only love song in the Bible. Check out Song of Songs y’all! Lyrics for days mehn) Malota well done. Loving two people sha doesn’t mean you sleep with the two at the same time, you know that right? No? What was that?!

    • Hahahahaha naa not possible, you can’t enter both at the same time :p . When do you say you are in love? I seriously want to know

  4. May I deviate from what is looking like the ‘norm’ and say that people who don’t believe in any and/or a different deity also subscribe to this emotion. In our quest to understand and define this emotion/word can we stay clear of religious boundaries?

    That being said,I wish there was more on what your friend thought “love” was. After all, love ain’t just positive. And jealousy, in my books, doesn’t really denote “negative”. Now maybe, if we shift concentration from ‘God’ and from ‘positives’, maybe we can find a definition for ‘love’.

  5. I believe there is love. Personally, I think love is a committment to RESPECT that someone u feel strongly regardless of all other external and at times even spiritual forces.
    This person must first of all be a friend effortlessly!
    There will always be someone who is something more than the person you feel strongly about…. But the decision to swim against the current, even though there are forces pulling u back, makes u believe and know that u love someone! And when u find that person that is ready to commit with u, that is when u can say “we are in love”
    My thoughts people!

  6. love your thoughts..well put.i don’t disagree but some of the reasons why i don’t believe that love exists are; i think its just some crazy concept, used to justify why u spend your whole life with one person. I think we use it to justify the chase (men) and the choice (women), the competition, the decision to allow me to father your kids..love allows people to somewhat justify rejection “well she did not love me” not “i was not strong enough, or handsome enough, i could not provide for her needs, i was inadequate….” No woman needs to explain her choice all she needs to say is “i don’t love you”..The excuse that you cant find any excuse to. Humans use love to create a sense of decency..you said “There will always be someone who is something more than the person you feel strongly about” what stops me from going after that person? Love..that social construct. I think love does not exist but i might be terribly wrong too 😦 its just a selfish means of keeping one person to yourself

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