Dreams that love can buy

I just realised that will most of my contemporaries are out there chasing their dreams and living them, I’m still busy chasing skirts..wait pause! Who said having a harem aint a valid dream? 20 Chicks on call any time I want qualifies as a dream, no a super dream. One I would never want to wake up from, it calls for passion, dedication/commitment and investments.

I just saw a design by Sons of Elizabeth (S.O.E) http://kwameadjaye.tumblr.com/post/8470885061/sons-of-elizabeth-test-shoot-featuring-model and it reminded me of the Azedi’s, Jilo’s, Rachel’s, Tay’s, Poetra’s, Evan’s, Sefa Nkansah’s. People living their dreams. And of young David who has a dream, a dream to make life a bit more interesting for his friends (can’t tell you his dream, you might steal it).

What makes them different from myself and others? (With others I am not referring to those not creative, I am referring to those who are harbouring dreams but are scared to live them). How come they are out there doing what they love and getting paid on top, imagine that!!! You don’t need to be paid for doing what you love.

They took that initial step, they woke up from the dream, the idea had been there for too long a time. They got rid of the excuses. The naysayers were dispensed with. They took action.

I think (I might be wrong) they were supported by their family members or friends..sometimes you just need one person to believe in your dream. It gives you a boost. Why can’t my dad believe in the Malota harem dream?

They invested in it. They gave their best, they did not only rely on their passion for it, they learned, researched, sought advice and were humble to admit mistakes (all conjecture) but they did not quit. That’s why they still doing it.

Starting something is never easy but if you are surrounded by people who believe in you and encourage you, you would attain heights that you won’t believe. If you have love for it, no setback will be too strong to stop you.

You might not have a dream, but you can help someone with a dream, you can pray for its success, help where you can; loans, run errands, sacrifice space etc and yeah buy food or show appreciation for their efforts.

But if you have a dream and you are not living it…don’t let your dreams and talents go to waste. Its not all dreams that have monetary benefits.

My dream has and will always be to let someone pray and thank God for my life.

A jumble again I presume. Lol is the title tacky?

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5 thoughts on “Dreams that love can buy

  1. what i love about this is that it is inspirational without being tacky or corny.its nothing long and pregnant with catharsis but concise and sharp enough to touch something inside whoever is reading it.the picture of the model is…well…BOAZUU U ROCK!!!!lol.

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