What do You see?

When you look at me, what and who do you see?

Is my past written on my face? Do you see my guilt stained soul through my eyes? Do you hear the echoes of pain past in my voice? Is my stride reminiscent of one used to walking in the shadows of this world? Does my shoulder and head hang with shame?

Do I look like someone capable of guiding? Can I be a mentor to your younger siblings? Can I guard you and yours? What do you see when you look at me today? Do I still look like that little boy who used to ride his red bicycle in Korle-Bu? Have I retained any of that innocence? Am I still naïve? Naïve concerning the affairs of men and the scheming of women? Have I become wise in the eyes of men and foolish in the eyes of God?

What do you think I am capable of? What kind of future do you see in store for me? Am I destined for greatness or the enormity of failure accompanied by disgrace?

What did you see in me the last time you saw me?

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5 thoughts on “What do You see?

  1. Hehe. When I look at you (even though I have never seen your face) I see a young man in touch with his feelings and very resilient to the shocks of life. I see a person with potential, favour with men (me at least) and humility. I am watching you closely. 🙂

    • Lol Pressure with this watching. With the help of God, dedication and the support of family and friends, my potential will be realized one day. Thanks 🙂 for all your support and feedback.

  2. Well my bro from your tweets to your tumblr to your blog I see a very interesting person, I get to know you a little more with each post, nice one dude!

    • Thanks bro 🙂 same here..you are also very interesting…I remember the day when I was tweeting “Gone in 60 seconds” in u knew it was that. N your love for wrestling lol. You are a great person to know.

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