A letter

Dear Miss Yayra,

Its 5:08pm Monday August 1st 2011. It’s funny writing a letter to you now, i should have done this a long time ago, ever since we first met and i made you angry. I don’t think you remember that day, i will address that issue later in this letter.

I’m writing this letter with a bit of trepidation, but since i have started i will go through with it, i hope my writing style does not offend you. Why do i fear or what do i fear will happen? I fear that you will view me as a stalker and block me from all the social networks that i follow you on.

Our paths crossed about 4 or 3 months ago, we or i started on the wrong foot, i lied to you when you asked me how i got your pin. I should have told you the truth back then, i was ignorant then; it is not an excuse. When i took your pin from the dude, i did it because you were physically beautiful and no other reason. You deleted me when i started behaving like an ass, i think we were contacts for less than an hour. It was one of the best things that could have happened to me because it taught me several things, my favorites are “It’s the people who love from their hearts, and not their lips, that go a step further for you. Don’t accept just “anyone’s” affection for you.” and “What is love, if we can’t appreciate the little things?” , i used them for my Facebook status and i tweeted them, i gave you full credit.

How did i learn those things? I looked for you, i asked the guy who gave me your pin your name, got your twitter account first, your WordPress (and all the other links, how do you manage them?) and then your tumble account. I fell in love with your WordPress, especially with this post http://mzyayratay.wordpress.com/2011/04/12/dark-souls/ I even commented on it and tried to apologize to you for that day on bbm. “Hate is not an emotion to be proud of. It is neither the opposite of love or like. Hate is something that corrupts…..mind and soul. I find it both disheartening n funny when people proudly talk about hating people. You are killing your spiritual life. More importantly though, most people do not even really understand the definition. Hate is not equal to dislike.” I started reading your Letters to a Stranger; i am not done. I felt bad as i read them, i discovered a different person, not only are you beautiful but you have a heart. Funny aint it? who doesn’t have one? We all do but how many people use theirs? who many people care about the next person, who many people know that God is the provider of all they have and therefore don’t lord it over others?.

I am sorry for getting your pin and bullshitting you when you asked me how i got it, i hope you see this one day. I regret what i said but not the fact that i got it, because if i did not get it, i wouldn’t have learned some valuable things. Do i sound apologetic? I really am.

You Madam are an extraordinary woman, your letters say a lot about you, read your letter about racism yesterday, i loved it. I got to “know” you (your social networks you) and i liked what i found. I am satisfied with knowing you from afar but i wish you knew i existed, that is the second purpose of this letter.

Since this my first letter to you, i should have introduced myself to you but i cant. I don’t want to lose the opportunity to know you more. Whenever you come across please send me a reply.

Thanks for reading.


PS: If it is incoherent please blame Lil Wayne…was listening to his music while writing. I will tweet it and share it on tumblr, maybe you will see it one day.


5 thoughts on “A letter

  1. I finally have the guts to reply to this. First time I read this letter, I was very …… Well, you know kinda how boisterous I can be after meeting me. I am so sorry. That’s just about all I can say 😦

    • I was thinking you would never reply. Thanks for forgiving me. Lol cheerfully loud (brimming with confidence) . Apology accepted and I am also sorry :(. Can I push my luck? 🙂 Can we meet somewhere? I know I can’t let you forget how an ass I was that day but I want to try and show you that I am not always an ass (I am not often an ass). Like a date.. X_X

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