Their Lives My Life

Tomorrow marks the end of a wonderful adventure…an adventure I would never want to take again. Sitting in a taxi on my way back from visiting the lady who could be the woman of my dreams but aint. She was also a discovery that I made during this adventure ( our relationship)

This is not about the sad times or the good times, it is about the wonderful people that I met. The people who made me see the world in a different light. Its about the social networks that I joined or was already part of.

I have always been a reader and a person who loves stupid arguments. So facebook was the perfect home for me, with people sharing their thoughts and emotions. I could spend the whole day there without eating. I was feeding on the knowledge and stupidity that was abundant there and oh yeah the pictures of the girls. I had some particular girls that I always checked out their profile..damn those girls were hot. It was on facebook that I met these two Poetra Asantewa and Mahmoud Musah. The female made me fall in love with stories all over again and the male with critical thinking. Mahmoud and I became friends..he doesn’t know but he is one guy whose notes I go back and read once in a while. I also met Azedi; her story telling skills are more than the famed Queen Scheherazade (Arabian nights) I wouldn’t mind marrying her..she’s got beauty and wit, our kids will always be happy ^_^. And then the mighty Squady..twitter and facebook guru..that guy can make you cry from laughing and he can scare the christianity out of you with his statuses. Facebook was fun..but these were the main people who influenced my life over there and oh yeah the girls that I used to hit their inbox..kept ma game alive.

Next stop twitter…joined twitter because of my cousin and her lovely friend Grace..that girl is flaming hot. But I moved on from that initial reason. I stayed because of the way twitter was, it was more streamlined and direct. You could actually know how a person’s day was just by checking out the persons timeline (yeah ignoramus ). I learnt loads from the people there..I used to go hard on twitter after dark, I was vulgar as fuck, I miss those days. I now respect the people who choose to read my tweets, maybe I should ask them for permission and go back to that life. I can’t remember the names of the accounts that used to make ma day..I had this jamaican girl Ometta Mo, she used to make my day with her tweets, there was this girl..I think her account was shut down about five times so she is no longer on twitter, we used to go hard at night. Got about 110 people on a private list on twitter, people I deem their tweets worth reading, I don’t follow all of them. Apart from my friends (kwaku, kan, Willy and co..) I got interesting people like @SorayAmonz (she used to tweet a lot) @junkieonmars (I absolutely love that girl) @FuturisticRetro @Queci_Suave (timeline and TT killer ) @mooserman @zogbaa @LeonIzDizzy @beuosu ( @Togbe_Gavua @Frankeyz @iChanzyKiss @JermaineSquady @KobbyJR and @stamakloe. Since I am talking about twitter I think I will also talk about all the wonderful wordpress accounts I met this past year Interestingly most are Nigerians, the first was @thetoolsman (the posts on his blog keep me behind the pc all day) then @SvelteTwampire_ (crazy stories, totally love them..her stories were different from Azedi, more daring) @YesVs (met Sammy on tumblr before I found his wordpress, he was one of the two people whose blog inspired me to get a wordpress) @OriJesu (first person to comment on my blog and to subscribe, a very nice person to know) @_ThinkTank_ @bule_jr (yep in that order) and @Queci_Suave my brother..the guy who feeds my bbm contacts with his words of inspiration daily.

Tumblr…Lauren introduced me to tumblr..@KwameAdjaye @MzYayraTay @phreddyfresh @beuosu and Amanda are some of my fav blogs. An anonymous asked my fav tumblr today, you can say these are my fav..I have my reasons for choosing these ones..will only talk about kwame and beuosu, Kwame’s blog inspires me, he is doing what he loves best and is being payed, I don’t know him but his blog is simple and lovely. Beuosu is just like Nanama, they have opinions and are not scared to share them, her tumblr is full of wisdom.. Each person I follow on tumblr has made me smile or taught me sometime with their blogs..I love Deezy’s blog too..its more of my type of blog if I had a secondary account.

My blackberry messenger contacts also made this past year a lovely one..I don’t need to mention their names but I can’t help but to mention Fiona and Nana..they have been 2 wonderful friends..Fiona love ya (if you ever see this). And the girl who has been a distraction this past few weeks..Your tolerance, sense of humour, intelligence and nature was the perfect end to this adventure. I hope to see you soon, my DM jail is tired of know we live close to each other, don’t you?

These people and many others affected me..I lived my life through theirs ( I make sense at all?)

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2 thoughts on “Their Lives My Life

  1. You made sense bruv, your tweets and posts have been worth the read and I’m glad my posts made a difference in someone’s life, much appreciated!!! Keep doing your thing!!!

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