That One Follower

If you are on twitter this sentence should make a lil bit of sense to you #EveryoneHasThatOneFollower who thinks he/she is so important that most tweets are tweeted with him/her in mind People who feed off so called subliminal tweets, I have had my fair share of such followers and I have felt that way before (why woundnt I? With all that I tweet).

Sometimes after you tweet, you see a tweet appear above yours that seems like a direct response or rebuttal of your tweet. But this is about my follower who thinks all my tweets are about her
Please my dear follower.

1. You are not the only person following me or I follow. You are not the only person who reads my tweets or whose tweets I read. It is an indication of your egotistical problem

2. I don’t think about you all day long…truthfully its only when I see a tweet on my timeline that is from you that I am reminded of your existence.

3. You are not the only female that I follow or who follows me that I want to fuck…don’t get me wrong..I think they are about 4 or 10 that I wouldn’t mind smashing so you aint that special.

4. I personally see a tweet as a sub when I identify myself with it (a truth about the tweet) a tweet not addressed to anyone in. eg @ChocolateLover OOMF loves women and DMs me a lot, he should get a life I know ChocolateLover, I DM her a lot, I love women..2 I assume she was referring to me. But am I the only guy who DM’s her or loves women? Ask yourself whether you are the only one doing something or the only girl I hit up on twitter.

5. I am not scared of you, I respect everyone in my life and especially those who have allowed me to share a portion of their life through twitter. You chose to read my tweets, I have to respect that decision and treat you right. I won’t insult your intelligence and hit you with a sub (forget the fact that I have done it before, I no longer do it!!)

6. Why will I sub someone that I want to know a bit more? Why drop something that people claim to see and identify so easily on twitter? I would rather make you feel special than feel insulted or bad.

A subliminal thing has to do with something being barely conscious or perceivable so if you were able to notice it…then bigups to u. Much respect.

If you associate yourself with my one follower then you are a Psycho..cos you don’t know which twitter account I am referring to. Oh if you are a female follower on twitter and reading this, please your place is between the 4 n 10.
Did I veer off? Anyway feel free to share a sub that you thought was directed at you and why?

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