Awesome weekend

Had a lovely weekend. Its a journey i won’t mind making all over again. It started on thursday the 14th (my weekends starts from thursday). It was the birthday of Danni, instead of I making her day she blessed me with her personal message on blackberry messenger, it was about God having done great things for her and the fact that there are greater things that He would do for her. It made me pause and look back down the years, truly the fact that I am still alive is a great testimony.

I spent the majority of the day with the only girl I am scared to fall in love with, not because she won’t return it (she won’t) its the lecture that I will receive when I tell her. She is this tiny lioness who thinks she is vicious and untamed, meanwhile she aint got teeth and no claws. We watched Gone in 60 Seconds , it was a great movie. Oh and yeah she prepared a bomb of a sandwich for was lekker. We teased each other during the movie and none of us was to use our phones during the period but I pulled a fast one on her, went to the loo and used mine. She deleted about 20% of the pictures on my phone (the least said the better….hmmm all those sexy babes 😦 ) . All in all I had a wonderful time with her..I wish that we have more of such days.

15th July, the birthday of my sister, Barbara. The best present God and my parents gave me when I was a kid, she is my number 2 lady. She was a bundle of joy when she was a kid now she is a basket (do I make sense? ) . Despite all our fights and hurtful words we both know that no one has our backs like each other, will always be there for her. Well..the day started with a phone call from my mum to remind me of the fact that it was my sisters birthday..something which I already knew. I am not good with dates so I took the call in good faith.
When it was 12 i left home for work, got there at 1. I remember the way I felt when I saw my boss…she is one lady that I won’t mind throwing over my shoulder and getting lost on a mountain with. She was standing in front of the shop and was waving when I first set eyes on her ……. We had such a wonderful time that when it was five I wished the day had just started. It was awesome 🙂
Had to leave her side for a dinner at Labadi beach hotel, got there and was greeted by the french delegation in the country, I had to wait for my family for an hour amongst Qui, non, Monsieur, Vite etc I started thinking in french, saw this bomb ass n went oh là là , la derrière est mal..yeah even the french in my head is malade and so wrong. My family finally arrived and we had our dinner, my sister and mum were looking lovely, my dad and myself were as plain as a white sheet of paper. All I remember of that night was that we all suffered from itis at the end and the smile on my sisters face was precious.

Spent the early part of saturday at the vet with my puppy then reported to work 🙂 . Let’s just say it was awesome..(I will one day write about my boss at a later time) lol..she is so cute and nice.

17 July..birthday of Eli and Mathilda..two very important people, Eli my sister, wife and adviser, Mathilda my sister, my sister’s twin, cousin, love and chief “hater” . Spent the whole day in Tema with Eli and her family and was nice, i had not been to their new place  since they moved, i was glad that i finally went. The foooood was marvelous…ate and ate and ate 🙂 Met the married woman of my dreams and kissed the model of my dreams (Yep i have dreams too)..I just had an AWESOME weekend and oh yeah the two girls up there are the twins, Barbara and Mathilda.

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One thought on “Awesome weekend

  1. I’m actually impressed you could do this from your blackberry. Ur simple posts remind us of what is really important in life. Simple friends and family. Thank you.

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