The Little Things

“Even though the little things matter the most, It’s always the little things that go unnoticed”~Natasha Bedingfield

Take a close look at the picture, what do you see? Apart from the fact that she is beautiful, what else do you see?

Well I saw Time, Colour, Joy, Beauty and Appreciation you might see something else. How did I see time, joy, beauty and appreciation? Well I tried to enter her mind..This outdoor cafe is really nice, what do you think Rachel? Uh huh, wow see these lovely grapes..look at the deepness of its colour…wait check this out, grabs one, uses it as an earring..takes another straight into the mouth…don’t I look cute? 🙂 . I take my camera out and take a picture..a memory captured. Hey *smacks Rachel* isn’t God wonderful? (I know she was with some friends you can check  )

How many of us wake up and thank God for the gift of life? For the security and comfort of a family? For the joy of friendship? For the freedom of movement? These major blessings?
You normally see or hear people showing signs of appreciation when the act is somewhat big or when it was done in response to a need. Answer a friend gave to the question of showing appreciation “Ppl devotin their tym to help u esp wen u need them most” is when appreciation is normally shown.

Do we appreciate the everyday actions of those who provide food for us, the guy who sells the newspaper by the roadside? The cleaners in our various offices and schools, Our workplaces organizing seminars and training programs? Do we appreciate those who make us laugh or smile, when we receive we make all these people aware that we cherish their gestures?

Why do we always wait till something is gone before we appreciate it, and then grope in the dark for its shadow? Why do we wait to reminisce? Why don’t we savour every second of life as it passes by knowing that the second its gone it will be just a memory, a shadow. When the time has come and gone like the brush of wind against your face, do the people who’ve influenced you the most in the littlest ways, know they mattered, or would you wait for the funeral ceremony just to say a few words that they may not even hear? Our greatest moments of happiness or love is a culmination of the time it took us to get there.

Don’t we all hate traffic, with all the honking and heat? (yeah there is no ac in the trotro). Days that we just have nothing doing and keep on complaining about boredom. Those days that we call everyone on our contact list or even ping that annoying dude on bbm. Those we appreciate them? Those seconds can be used as a time to relax and reflect upon our lives. Instead of fretting about how late you are, you can calm down and plan on how best to make up for the lost time. You can use that time to improve upon your life

Do we really count the little things in our lives? Or is it just the milestones that matter to us? Should it be? Or the little things that fill the vacuums between milestone to milestone count for even more? Because they are the things that came together to get us there. Do we care enough to notice them, or we let them go, just as quickly as perfume becomes just a whisper in the open air. Do we remember to give thanks for everything, or just the things that are huge enough to count?

Let’s appreciate the little things in our lives.

You never miss it til it’s gone, til it’s gone

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6 thoughts on “The Little Things

  1. Wow. Just Wow. Its posts like this that made me look for you. The beauty of the Divine is in the simplest, littlest things. Thank you for reminding me of that.

  2. True..that’s why so many celebrities are so’s not about the Bentleys, yachts, Louis V’s etc…it’s the things money can’t buy..I guess that’s just God’s way of balancing things out… Still wouldn’t mind copping me a Maybach tho…lol!

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