What Kind of Friend are You?

This is a follow up post to the Right Type of Friend..it was written by Nana Fosuah a good friend of mine..I woke up to this lovely piece on my phone

“We always talk about what kinda friend we want and all but do we sit to think about the kind of friends we are? We make friends everyday as we grow, so the question is, do we try to maintain our old friends or we relegate them to the background and later come to them when we are in trouble? Are we too eager to keep appearances with our new friends that we forget the importance of the old ones? Do we make friends because we need them or we make friends because they need us or most importantly, we make friends because we need each other to survive?
Friendship is like any other relationship…once you have it, you even have to work harder to maintain it…if we stop working on it, the friendship lamp starts to dim and it’ll eventually stop glowing and before we know it, those we call our bff’s are people we once knew”

After reading this, I felt she wrote this with me in mind. I am the type that expects my friends to always be there. I can go months without calling my “bestfriend” or “brothers”. I assume they are well, their family is still intact, no sickness, their school and social life are going on smoothly. I presume that they know I care. How will they know that I am there for them? When I don’t even know what is happening with them? They only hear from me when we meet at the end of the semester or when I need information. Fosuah thank you for showing me the truth.
We Must be the Type of Friend we Need.

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