Right type of Friend

My best friend is the one who brings out the best of me. – Henry Ford

Its nice when you know you got people who have faith in you, who encourage you to be the best you can be and accept you with all your flaws and still love you. That is what everyone desires, that those close to him/her to be; A comforter, counselor, a source of love, refuge, a listening ear etc.

Not describing the type that will always agree to everything we do, nor that type of friend who does everything with us whether its good or bad, no not the one who turns a blind eye to our wrongdoings.

Talking about the ones bold enough to gently correct us, to express their views and opinions also, who does not take advantage of our weakness. There is this popular saying about a good friend and a true friend that goes like “A good friend will come bail you out of jail, but a true friend will be sitting next to you saying…’Damn, that was fun!'” Certainly this is false..it sounds all fun-like, an adventure ..but why will a friend help you do something that will land you in jail?

The type of friend that you know you can be totally open to and not be judged. The type that knows your value, the one that respects you and your views.
Our friends reflect us, they reflect our values, our strengths, our weakness, they are an appendage to our lives; jewels or treasure. Treasure them and make sure you let them know that you do treasure them. Surrounding ourselves with the right friends will help us become better people

“A best friend can tell you things you don’t want to tell yourself.” ~Anon

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9 thoughts on “Right type of Friend

  1. Lol yeah..you caused it and quecisuave nailed it with his blog…some female friends also encouraged and helped but you two made it a reality with your wonderful wordpress.

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